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NOTES on the dynamics of man


"We have come a long way since Charles Darwin. But in Notes I take a radically new look at evolution. Rather than restrict it to the biological domain, I argue that we must see it in the context of the universe as a whole. In this light, it is apparent that the universe has evolved through stages, each one bound by its own rules. I call the universe at the time of the Big Bang the Alpha State. This was then followed by the Quantum, the Atomic, and the Galactic States on through to the Biological State we are all familiar with. This allows me to suggest that there is no logical reason why the Biological State should be the end of it, and I propose that a Cerebral State is in the process of forming. The substance of this state is consciousness, together with those structures formed as a result of conscious intent. 

"I then go on to argue that man is straddling both the biological and cerebral states, and that many of our actions are biologically driven. Indeed, our organisations behave very like species (I call them proto-species) elaborating and competing, one with another in an interlocking symbiosis. The biological dynamic, however, calls upon species to exploit any advantage they have without  regard to consequence, and to over-produce so that they can act as a food source for other species. In the biological world, periods of stability do ensue when structures have adapted into all the available space, which consists of the land, sea and air, as well as other biological structures.

"Consciousness, however,  is concerned with consequences and this has allowed man to dominate his environment. But as yet, our collective consciousness is insufficiently strong to govern all our actions, which remain largely biologically driven. Our catastrophic wars are an example of this. In Notes I look at our history from the standpoint of this analysis, and suggest ways whereby we can increase the role of conscious intent, and limit the role of biology. In a book of this kind one must cover a great deal of territory and so I ask all those whose disciplines I have invaded for leniency. It is the big picture I have tried to concentrate on, and in that light I believe Notes is a path-breaking work which I hope will stimulate much thought and debate."

Notes on the Dynamics of Man is a fascinating and very highly recommended read for philosophical readers and collections - John Burroughs, The Midwest Book Review


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